Understanding the user - Insights:
If you are an avid gym-goer, it is not hard to understand the determination and hard work that goes into achieving your fitness goals. We found out that while these gym-goers spend a lot of time in the gym, they always have the same complaint - I am not growing big enough or losing weight fast enough.
We discovered that while putting in the hard work needed, gym-goers do not track their workout progress from day-to-day. Without a proper system of tracking their progress, gym-goers tend to remain stagnant in their progress and lack the motivation to push further.

Identifying a missing opportunity: 
This insight fuelled the idea of creating a system to help them track their progress. With some research, we discovered many mobile apps that exist that helps with this, but upon trying them, we also discovered the negative side of using mobile apps.

The biggest question I get: So why not mobile apps? 
We discovered that these mobile apps became more of a distraction than tool. Every attempt to update an entry via the phone eventually leads to replying an email, updating your Facebook status or just browsing through your Instagram. It's clear the phone can be a huge obstacle to a quality workout.
Go back to the basic. We decided to design a physical A6 size booklet that will help them achieve your fitness goals.

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