Halo UX my old friend! 
I recently started my UX journey after completing the General Assembly User Experience Design Immersive Programme in Singapore. While going through the course, I kept getting the feeling that some of the things I was learning seemed familiar. This feeling is hard to describe, like when you run into a stranger on the street and stop to take a second look as if you have met him before. As the course ran on, the feeling grew stronger and slowly I began to recognise what it was. 

For the last 9 years, I have been the founder and Creative Director of my boutique below-the-line advertising agency called RICE Advertising. I worked with clients such NTUC Income Insurance, Singapore Management University, Tokio Marine Insurance, as well as, Etiqa Insurance (insurance arm for Maybank), just to name a few. My role consist of business development, client management, art direction, conceptualisation and design and even production. I faced all the challenges an entrepreneur would face including having to manage human resource issues, maintain a healthy P&L, keep a good relationship with clients and producing creative work that is effective and impactful. Of course, my 5 years stay in international advertising agency BBDO/Proximity Singapore where I worked as a Creative Group Head played a huge part in my success. The experience I gained from working on international brands such as Visa, Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Bayer Healthcare equipped me with the right skillsets to run a successful agency.

Before UX became popular, Creatives would receive briefs from suites and strategic planners. Through the brief, we got to understand the target audience's demographics and psychographics, we analysis competitor companies, studied consumer behaviours and even identified missing gaps in the market and proposed unique selling proposition. All these knowledge sets the background of how we ideate towards the solution. Now, after the UX course, I could understand how important these information are and how we could do a lot more to research information coming from consumer habits. To design a better product or service, it is essential that we know more about the users' pains and pleasure. After all, we should aim to make a product not just useful, usable, but desirable. 

I may be a very young UX designer, but my 15 years experience in advertising and marketing, has taught me to look at any problem from a broader prospective. I believe this unique combination of skills and experience makes me a valuable asset in any organisation.

Feel free to contact me for any opportunities, collaborations or even any feedback and queries about my work. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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