Identifying a missing need:
When we went around the gym talking to gymmers, we discovered that regular gym-goers are very concerned about making progress in their training. Many of them have odd working hours and could not find a gym buddy to work out with.

What so important about a gym buddy?
Having a gym buddy makes exercising more enjoyable. Having someone there to assist on the workout also means you can lift heavier weights, with less chances of getting injuried. A gym buddy is also there to motivate and push you to work harder, and of course, make sure you don't slack.

What we did to help?
We wanted to create an app that helps the gym community come together. A way for strangers to help each other and even, professional personal trainers to offer their services. 
After talking to more gymmers, we discovered that people were struggling with odd hours of workout, finding someone to workout with in a location close to their homes and finding someone with the same fitness level to workout with.

With these thoughts in mind, I started to design the Heybro fitness app.

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